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Student Evaluation Using the Learning Record

There is information at this site for both students and teachers. If you are interested in the Learning Record in general, please feel free to browse. For a more direct path geared specifically to students, the sections below provide information students will need as they develop their own learning records.

  1. A brief Reference Guide explains how the Learning Record Online is used for evaluating student work. The Learning Record Manual provides more in-depth information about using the Learning Record.
  2. The Learning Record form will help you coordinate your ongoing observations and evidence to account for your learning in the course. This link will open in a new browser window. Download a text copy of this form by selecting "Save as" from the browser's File menu. You should keep an updated copy and backup of your learning record on a disk separate from your other work.
  3. Here is a diagram showing the parts of the Learning Record, and explaining when they are completed.
  4. The Learning Record is a way of keeping track of your work using a portfolio which includes selections of your work and observations about your activity in the class. This link explains portfolios and how they are used with the Learning Record.
  5. Please also check the information on the way that absences can affect your final evaluation.
  6. Your portfolio will include your estimate of the grade most appropriate for your activity in the course up to that point. This section describes the relationship between the Learning Record and grades.
  7. Learning Records may also be reviewed and evaluated by other students in your class in "moderation readings." Follow the link to learn more about moderations.

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