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Students should keep a comprehensive portfolio containing all work, including notes, diagrams, peer responses, final revisions, and teacher comments. This portfolio provides important evidence that all assigned work has been completed. From this portfolio, samples of student work are selected to include with the Learning Record Online. These samples should be taken over the entire period of time and full range of activities covered by the class. They should include examples of informal and formal work, drafts and finished work, comments written for other students, and any other kinds of work that will give readers a good sense of the student's activities and progress over the course of the class. These samples of work are attached to (or linked to, in the case of Web LROs) the LRO and a list of the items is provided in the Learning Record, together with a brief descriptive phrase or sentence. The Learning Record Online should NOT include ALL of the work the student has completed, but rather a REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLING.

Example 1 (E309):

For my final portfolio, the following items are offered for evidence. My personal comments accompany some of the items as a text entitled "COMMENTS".


Speer 1/23 -> My interview with classmate C. M.

Speer 2/13 -> The final copy of Project 1

Speer 2/20 -> A response paper to one of the course readings

Speer 2/29 -> The final copy of Project 2, which I worked on with C.C.

Speer 4/4 -> The complete final copy of my Project 3

Speer 5/2 -> The complete final copy of my Project 4

Teacher comments -> Comments from Professor Syverson

Student comments -> Comments from fellow classmates

Example 2 (E330):

Samples of written work (formal and informal writing)

Samples of comments by others (professor, other students) Samples of other activities (i.e., interchanges, notes, planning diagrams, and so on)

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