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Fair Test: The National Center for Fair and Open Testing

College-level Learning Record:

Here are the Learning Record forms. Bundles include the LR in a complete file structure for students as well as the manual and reference guide.
Teachers: be sure to add the grade criteria and course strands before providing the LR for students in your class.

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K-12 Learning Record:

Print version: K-12 Learning Record

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K-12 Teachers' manuals can be ordered from Amazon:

For complete instructions for teachers and students, please download the Teacher's Manual, above. An overview with FAQs is provided in the Reference Guide, above.

Development of the database version of the Learning Record has been suspended. It simply became too unwieldy for students and teachers. We have returned to radical simplicity, using Microsoft Word's forms capabilities to create an easy to use, easy to transmit, portable, student-owned record of student performance and achievement. We now offer the world's simplest eportfolio (at least as far as I can tell).

No need for net access, no complex transfer and password schemes, and an application in a format anyone will be able to read (at least if they have a word processor!). I think you can see that adaptations and upgrades will be simplicity itself. Maybe this is a lesson in technology "advancement." (You can read the full manifesto here)


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