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The Learning Record Privacy Policy

Please read carefully!

The Learning Record is a semi-public record that documents your activities and accomplishments for this class. However, no one except you and your instructor will have access to identifying personal information, such as your name or email address.

In your class, you turn in all assigned work so that your teacher can give you credit for it. This will automatically create a portfolio of all of your work. At the midterm and at the end of the term you review all of your work and select the specific examples of work and observations to include in the Learning Record. You control the content of your Learning Record. You will also have a notebook for your own private use. No one else will have access to your notebook or your portfolio.

Who has access to your Learning Record? What do they have access to and when?

During the class term

After the end of the class term and after final grades have been submitted, Learning Records may be saved to an archive for reference or research. Ask your instructor for his or her specific practices.

How might material from my Learning Record be used?

Learning Record information will only be permitted for non-commercial educational use, including:

Except for your teacher, no one will have access to any of your identifying information. To ensure confidentiality, be sure to use first names only when referring to classmates in your observations or work samples.

If you have questions about the Privacy Policy, please contact Peg Syverson:

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